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From June 15, 2020 onward, register your business with
multiple ministries* in one go!

* At this stage, you may register your business with Ministry of Commerce, General Department of Taxation, Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training and Council for the Development of Cambodia via our platform. Other relevant ministries/institutions will get involved in later stages.


We are Single Window Service that provides support
for online business registration.
We are here to help you tackling your problems arise
during your registration process through the platform.

The online business registration website, also known as the Single Portal, is developed by Ministry of Economy and Finance using Cambodia Data Exchange (CamDX) system. CamDX is a unified yet decentralized data exchange layer between information systems that offers a standardized and secure way to provide and consume services. CamDX ensures confidentiality, integrity and interoperability between a multitude of different data exchange parties. The main goal of CamDX is to build an infrastructure that allows for establishing effortless access to data in government databases (public services) without compromising the security and ownership of the data and with minimal technical changes in the existing information systems.


Wait for approval for a maximum of

8 working days

Eliminate the provision of
repetitive information

Spend much less

Pay online all at once

Obtain digital licenses/certificates via the system


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CamDigiKey is the Cambodian government’s most advanced mobile single sign-on service you can trust. With CamDigiKey, you are now able to access all digital government services in Cambodia.

  • General Information
  • Registration Process
  • Pricing and Payment
  • Licenses and Certificates

Online Business Registration is the new unified business registration procedure that is fully online and utilizes an IT platform.

The previous registration procedure requires you to register your business at different ministries/institutions through different methods (electronically, semi-electronically and physically). Electronic registration system of each ministry/institution is monolithic, thus unable to neither communicate nor safely exchange data with one another. In such a fashion, you would be required to fill out the same information on forms of different ministries/institutions.


You can now register your business at Ministry of Commerce, General Department of Taxation and Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training in one go using this new online business registration platform (also known as Single Portal). In the current phase, if your business is required to register at ministries/institutions other than Ministry of Commerce, General Department of Taxation and Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training, you may need to follow the same procedures of the relevant ministries/institutions. Through this new procedure, a business registration can take up to only 8 working days until one can obtain a decision and cost much less than the previous procedure. You may also pay for the registration services online using ABA Pay if you are an ABA Bank customer or credit/debit card if you are a customer of other banks. Upon approval of the registration, you will receive digital licenses/certificates via our platform.

The benefits are:

  1. Wait for approval for a maximum of 8 working days;
  2. Eliminate the provision of repetitive information;
  3. Spend much less;
  4. Register and pay online for all services at once; and
  5. Obtain digital licenses and certificates via the system.
  1. Create personal identity for your business;
  2. Avoid fines and business closure;
  3. Receive legal protection;
  4. Attract corporate customers because no corporate company wants to do business with unregistered business;
  5. Ease your access to bank loan and investment;
  6. Get benefits for your employees from the National Social Security Fund; and
  7. Fulfill your obligation as a citizen under Cambodian laws and regulations. 

At this stage, only Ministry of Commerce, General Department of Taxation, Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training, Ministry of Interior, Council of Development of Cambodia and Ministry of Economy and Finance are involved. The remaining relevant institutions will be involved in later stages.

No, not in the entire process. This new system focuses on better user experieces that allow you to apply and register business online by yourself. 

In any case, if you need assistance, you may find a representative to do it on your behalf with your authorization. Currently, there are accredited agents handling business registration recognized by Ministry of Commerce and tax registration recognized by General Department of Taxation during the previous registration mechanism. However, they are not trained and accredited for the new system.

We provide online support through which you can contact most of the time. However, please contact our call center at 081 888 296 or our Facebook page.

Required documents differ based on the form of your enterprise. Please refer to the User Guide

You may scan the original copy of the documents and upload them as attachments. The attachments must be readable and in pdf format.

No. You can only update your company information on the registration system of the relevant ministries/institutions through which your business was registered. 

Not at all. However, you are obligated to provide us true and correct information.

Please bring two original copies of your company’s Articles of Association to deposit at the Ministry of Commerce. These Articles of Associations will be stamped. If you need the stamped documents for opening your company’s bank account or use for other purposes, please bring more original copies with you. 

If you have registered your business before June 15, 2020, please update your company information via the registration system of the relevant ministries/institutions through which your company was registered. However, if you have registered your business via this new Single Portal, we would like to apologize that at this stage you cannot update your company information on the portal. Our team is currently working on this function.

The cost of online business registration varies depending on the form of your enterprise, types of service and whether your enterprise is classified as a small, medium or big taxpayer. For details, please refer to the User Guide.

Only online payment is accepted. Currently, the system supports online payment from users of the ABA Bank and credit/debit card payment such as Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay, etc. We are working to deploy further payment gateway from other banks. 

No​, unless the failure in registration is caused by the system.

Eight working days after your submission, you will receive licenses and certificates in digital form via the portal.

It is first important to note that the online business registration covers only business registration and not licensing. The digital licenses/certificates issued by relevant ministries through our online system are valid, and you can continue other procedures to obtain licenses with other specialized ministries/institutions depending on the nature of your business. For example, if you business activities are related to tourism, you will need to obtain a tourism license from the Ministry of Tourism. Currently, this procedure is conducted at their own ministries/institutions.

No. Digital licenses/certificates issued by the system are legally valid. However, if you still need the hard copies for other purposes, you may need to contact the ministries/institutions to obtain the original hard copies separately. 

Since the licenses/certificates are issued digitally, you always print them for any use. However, if you lose the digital copies you first obtained, you can request them through the system.

You may print your digital licenses/certificates and display them at the location where your business is operated to your clients or partners about your business registration. 

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